Welcome to Spoondrift Management Group, home of professional property management and maintenance services. Spoondrift Management Group offers knowledgeable, professional and effective Management, Maintenance, Services and Consulting in the Maryland/Delaware region.

Our Mission
Spoondrift Management Group is a Management Company owned and operated by Benser McGraff Realty LLC. Our firm offers professional management, maintenance and consulting services for residential and commercial properties. Our professional team understands the real estate industry and will develop a customized plan to meet your needs.

Our objective is to preserve the value and/or income of your property. Our service-oriented staff will work hard to develop a strong relationship with you, helping us to better understand your goals and needs. Our comprehensive understanding of the economic forces at work in the real estate industry enables us to evaluate each property's operating income and accurately forecast its potential, designing a management or maintenance plan that reflects your investment objectives.

Working for You
Spoondrift Management Group's expertise in real estate accounting, management oversight, dynamic decision making, communications and advertising, market analysis, property maintenance and construction/ technical management can help you achieve your goals and objectives.

Request Information
For detailed or specific information about Spoondrift Management Group services for your property, or to request a property needs assessment, use our covenient online information request form. Or, you can use your desktop printer to print out a copy of our printed request form, and mail or fax the completed form back to us.

Contact Us
Spoondrift Management Group
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